Percula Creative

About Me

Hello, world! I'm Peter Keefe, and I specialize in the design and development of Android apps. I am a Google Certified Android Developer and just completed my Capstone Project for Udacity's Android Developer Nanodegree. I love making easy-to-use apps with simple, modern designs. I've always enjoyed coding, but until recently I worked as a mechanical engineer and designed nuclear submarines. I decided to switch careers to programming after taking an introductory Android programming course, which was the catalyst for the strong passion I now have for developing Android apps. Besides Android development, I also dabble in web development (such as this site!).

When I'm not coding, I enjoy hiking and kayaking outdoors. And when the weather's not so nice, I like to work on my saltwater reef aquarium, hence this website's name.


Percula Creative is named after the Percula Clownfish, such as the fish from my aquarium shown above.